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Search Engine Optimization

Since 1996 Foxtop Publishing has helped pioneer and develop all SEO systems in place including Google. Google came up with something years ago that still stands today and will stand moving forward. Give the customer what they’re searching for and weed out the rest.

There’s been many issues with content on the web throughout the years. Search Engine Optimization isn’t difficult. You have to realize it’s about quality honest content. The days of SEO trickery are over.

Many customers ask me about Algorithms. The way most people think of Algorithms is a myth. Algorithms are in all SEO systems to “weed out the bad content” and make sure you are abiding by policies. When an SEO company contacts you and says “Google has changed their Algorithm” Contact us now to make sure you keep your ranking. This is something you don’t need to worry about. Just continue to have quality honest content and abide by policy on whatever channel you are on.