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The Search Engines are an art in itself apart from web site design. When designing a website Foxtop Publishing makes each page search engine ready by research of keywords, implementing photo names with keywords, alt tags, and more.

Foxtop Publishing keeps up on the latest trends with the search engines and they are constantly changing. It’s highly important for an e-commerce website to stay on top of things when it comes to marketing and the search engines are time and time again surveyed to be the top traffic booster when it comes to websites. Advertising banners and email campaigns are also good tools but the percentages are still with the search engines.

Below are just the basics when setting up a site for the search engines, Foxtop Publishing works directly and personally with each customer for their needs when it comes to marketing.

• Research keywords on similar sites by doing targeted searchs on top directories and engines. *

• Basic research on similar sites without competition for “link exchange” *
(This only includes “basic” research customer “must” become involved in this or extra fees apply)

• Consulting for domain name selection *

• Implementing keywords into “photo names” and “alt tags” *

• Writing descriptions for “The Open Directory Project,” “Yahoo,” and researching the correct category. **

• Researching keywords for “pay per click” sites such as **
(’s top 3 listings appear on Yahoo!, America Online, Lycos, and AltaVista as “sponsered listings”)
Foxtop Publishing will work directly with the customer to Target Premium Buying Customers for your Website.

• First line of text *

• Text for site in general (very important and customer “must” be involved or extra fees apply)

• Foxtop Publishing does not participate in SPAM

• For more info on the search engines please see our tutorials

• For a great list of search engine terms and tricks (including discussion forums) Click Here

* Included in “Basic” search engine readiness plan
A basic search engine plan is simply making the website “search engine ready” and including 1 Free submission to all major search engines “after” the website has been approved by Yahoo. If customer chooses not to list with Yahoo (We strongly suggest you do before anything else) the results “may” not be high and “may” not be anything at all. We recommend sticking with a good Search Engine Strategy which includes listing with Yahoo, Inktomi (we no longer recommend Looksmart), and The Open Directory Project first. After this is accomplished then monthly search engine submissions are recommended along with “pay per click” plans.

** Not included in Basic Search Engine readiness. Doing research for Yahoo, and The Open Directory Project is a seperate fee along with research for “pay per click” plans.

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