Here at Foxtop Publishing Customer Service is our highest priority and we try and keep the prices low. Pricing depends on the difficulty of the job, the time to complete, and how much creativity is involved. Pricing can involve such things as songwriting, graphic design, flash movies, html coding, scripting, simple photo manipulation, and even just estimating the time to take over web-mastering a site.

Except for web hosting and shopping cart set-up, all of our services are now $20-$60 per hour. We give package deals, however Foxtop Publishing feels that package deals limit the customers control and creativity. Shopping cart set-up is a $150.00 1 time set-up fee + $2 an item unless we transfer your database then it’s $20 per hour.

Example: When we give you a package deal we generally go by the page amount and charge $100 per page. We include a certain amount of photos, forms, and design per page. We include basic logo design, and always a FREE advertising banner with each order. We always include search engine readiness and 1 FREE submission.

Foxtop Publishing feels that if a customer wants a 1 page website and the customer has everything organized to the point of it only taking 1 hour to complete (this is usually not the case), then Foxtop Publishing feels the customer should get that website for $20-$60.