Foxtop Publishing – E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the biggest growing trend in America and around the world today. Never before have so many consumers embraced the internet and the ease of being able to “shop” online without leaving their home. Foxtop Publishing can help you set up your small business or large business online.

Some might ask “What is E-Commerce” Please don’t be embarrased about asking this question or any question about the internet. The internet is an ever changing network and no one can keep up with it. E-Commerce is simply “electronic shopping.” Shopping carts are simply the software that controls the shopping and allows you to enter your credit card information. Data bases are also software that holds all the information about products, prices, and virtually any information. Data bases can be used for other resources besides just shopping carts such as an online library.

Our advise to any business just getting started on the internet is to have a business that is successful “offline,” and give your business online at least 6 months to a year to get rolling. There are many things involved when placing your business online. Sending out mailers to existing customers, getting listed on the search engines, providing customer service online, becoming aware of online credit card fraud, and much more.

Foxtop Publishing keeps up with the latest trends in E-Commerce and can answer your questions. For more information about E-Commerce, Shopping Carts, & Data-Bases please see our tutorials.

The free shopping cart included in our hosting packages is perfect for a small online business that wants to be able to run the cart themselves.

If you are a small to medium size business you may consider a package available from Miva Merchant.

If you are a large online business and need quick and very robust packages you can check and IHTML Merchant. Both are designed for a large business in excess of 5k items online.